12th International Congress of the French Society of Gynecology

თეიმურაზ გაგნიძე

12th International Congress of the French Society of Gynecology was held in Paris (France) on October 16-18, 2014. Deputy Director of Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” Prof. Jenero Kristesashvili (MD, PhD) and Deputy Director Levan Kobaladze (MD, PhD, MPA) along with the leading scientists and clinicians from all over the world, participated in Congress work.

Presentation of Professor Jenero Kristesashvili (“Patients with 46,XY Kariotype and Female Phenotype“) was highly appreciated by the Congress Scientific Committee and the audience, due to the highest quality of the presentation, uniqueness of own materials and actuality of topics presented.

The scientific novelty, actuality, performance level and the results of the researches conducted on the bases of the CRM “Universe” are completely compatible with the modern world standards and therefore, the representatives of different countries expressed their desire to cooperate with Georgian scientists in conduction of joint scientific researches as well as clinical affairs. During congress were planned visits of the leading scientists to Georgia in order to share modern foreign knowledge and experience with Georgian colleagues.

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