Recurrent pregnancy losses

Primary diagnosis is fully funded!
The Primary Recurrence Pregnancy Loss Diagnosis Program aims to increase couples' access to comprehensive, comprehensive, state-of-the-art appropriate examination and treatment.
The primary diagnostic program for recurrent pregnancy losses includes the following types of studies:
✔️Consultation of a gynecologist-reproductologist
✔️ Transvaginal ultrasound examination
✔️ Bacterioscopic examination of vaginal smear (phase-contrast, immunofluorescent method)
✔️ CD 56 Definition
✔️ASA determination of antisperm antibodies in the endometrium
✔️ Office hysteroscopy
✔️ Consult an andrologist
✔️ Computed sperm morphocytogram
✔️Bacterioscopic examination of urethral smear (phase-contrast, immunofluorescent method)
The program includes 40% funding for targeted medicines.
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