Which institution should couples apply for infertility?

It is understandable that the primary health care in such cases fails to provide a thorough examination and treatment of infertile couples and consequently years and finances are lost in vain. Thus, it is advisable for couples to apply to a specialized institution from the very beginning due to infertility, in which they will be able to conduct a complex, thorough modern examination (3D ultrasound examination, X-ray hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, laparoscopic surgery, surgical, hormonal As well as using assisted reproductive technology methods. In addition, the medical staff working in such an institution has the appropriate knowledge and experience. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, correct prognosis is important in cases of infertility. In some cases, e.g. In the absence of the uterus, it is clear that it will be impossible to conceive naturally and it is planned to engage in a surrogacy program from the very beginning. In vitro fertilization is the only alternative if the fallopian tubes are impermeable or have an aborted pregnancy. In other cases, you should try to get pregnant naturally using conservative or surgical treatment, but this period should not be endless either. If pregnancy has not been achieved it is optimal to use assisted reproductive technologies after about 2 years (insemination, in vitro fertilization). It is also not justified to use these technologies to treat infertility at the initial stage before attempting to conceive naturally where possible.
After determining the cause of infertility, if a problem is detected in a man, its intended management is continued by an andrologist-reproductologist, who works seamlessly in a specialized institution.