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According to data in Georgia, in 40% of cases causes of infertility are females, in 40% – males and in 20% – both.

Definition: pregnancy (fetal) losses – spontaneous abortion, or spontaneous termination of pregnancy before 22 weeks of gestation, premature delivery of non-viable fetus, still-birth (including fetal development pathologies).

The reasons of pregnancy loss (PL) might be various (see link).

In all cases even after first case of PL, it’s very important to apply specialist!

Importance of correct and timely determination of the causes of pregnancy losses in their prevention is indicated by the fact that the possibility of completing the pregnancy term without physician’s intervention after pregnancy losses makes up: after 3 losses – 30%; after 4 losses – 25%; after 5 and more – 5%, while timely and adequate treatment increases this chance to 70-85%.

Antenatal surveillance in the CRM Universe is carried out under the State program within the standards indicated in link.

If Your  children have: backlog in the growth, excess weight, obesity, lack of body weight, acne, In boys – disorders of reproductive function formation (premature sexual development, delayed sexual development), gynecomastia, stria, etc., in girls – disordres of the reproductive function formation (premature sexual development, delay in sexual development), premature or delay of menarche, disorders of menstrual cycle ( prolonged, profuse, painful menstruation, intermenstrual bleeding, delay or cessation of menstruation), excess hair, acne, stria, itching and burning of the external genitalia, abundant vaginal discharge, often with an unpleasant smell, adhesion of the labia minora, etc., You have to apply specialists, because very serious problems might be hidden behind these symptoms!

In order to determine the causes of infertility the Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” has implemented and effectively uses all advanced highly informative methods – hormonal, immunological, genetic, ultrasound (4D) investigations, X-ray hysterosalpingography in dynamics, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, sperm quantitative and qualitative study, determination of DNA fragmentation index, etc.

High efficiency of treatment of infertility at the Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” is due to the complex, intensive assessment of the couple, possibility to adequately manage all types of detected pathologies (conservative and surgical treatmentassisted reproductive technologies, etc).

In selecting the infertility management tactics, specialists of the clinic consider so-called “golden standard” – in-vitro fertilization is not offered to infertile couple as the first choice, however, neither the unsuccessful conservative treatment lasts for years! If 2-year conservative and/or surgical treatment does not give a positive result, clinic team starts selection of appropriate method of assisted reproductive technology for the couple (intra-uterine insemination, in-vitro fertilization, donation, surrogacy). However, in some cases, when particular investigations predict “bad prognosis” – fertility incompatible and irreversible pathologies (primary ovarian failure or premature exhaustion syndrome, aplasia of the uterus, azoospermia in males, severe oligozoospermia, etc), selection of appropriate method of assisted reproductive technology for the couple is started on the very initial stage. It should be mentioned here that the clinic is paying great attention to the preparation for in-vitro fertilization, which involves conservative and sometimes surgical treatment stages.

The CRM “Universe” gives a special significance to the special antenatal surveillance of women treated for infertility in case their pregnancy occurs.

At the Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies of CRM “Universe” besides of in-vitro fertilization You can receive all types of these technologies – Intrauterine insemination with sperm of partner or donor, freezing – cryopreservation of sperm, oocytes and embryos, donation and surrogacy

Determining the causes of sexual dysfunctions and corresponding treatment  –

In women: decrease or absence of libido (sexual drive),  insufficiency of genital reactions (vaginal dryness and decrease of lubrication), vaginismus, orgasmic dysfunctions.

In men: decrease or absence of libido (sexual drive),  insufficiency of genital reactions (erectile dysfunctions, impotence), disorders of ejaculation, orgasmic dysfunctions.

Also consulting the couples, determining the sexual status, revealing of causes and correction of sexual disharmony in couples.

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