Infertility and pregnancy loss

თეიმურაზ გაგნიძე

Infertility and pregnancy loss

  • Male factor in infertility and pregnancy losses;
  • The importance of DNA fragmentation of spermatozoids in infertility and pregnancy losses;
  • Infertility of immunological genesis;
  • Immunological factors in pregnancy losses;
  • Anomalies of sex development in infertility and pregnancy losses;
  • New markers in diagnosis of polycystic ovaries syndrome and evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment;
  • The role of hypeprolactinemia in infertility and pregnancy losses;
  • Early detection and treatment of reproductive disorders, as a prevention of infertility.


Supporting reproductive technologies

  • The role of immunological factors in unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization;
  • The importance of the morpho-functional state of endometrium in unsuccessful in-vitro fertilization.


Sexual dysfunctions

  • Individual and couple dimension of sexual dysfunctions;
  • The role of female anorgasmy in the development of gynecological pathologies;
  • Vaginismus  – the problem of woman and couple;
  • Complex approaches to diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions.
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