International Medical Conference "Achievements of Modern Reproductology, Role of Surgery, One Year Update"

The staff of Center for Reproductive Medicine “Universe” took part in the work of International Medical Conference “Achievements of Modern Reproductology, Role of Surgery, One Year Update”, held on 26-28 October 2017. The conference was attended by famous scientists from abroad, as well as Georgian experts, scientists and practicing physicians.

The scientific works and materials presented at the conference once again confirmed that scientific-practical activities of CRM “Universe” are carried out in accordance with the latest achievements of modern medicine. Nowadays, only at the “Universe” are used  modern methods widely implemented and adopted in the world, such as determining the fragmentation index of sperm DNA, treatment of varicocelle  by the endovascular embolization method, etc.

It’s also interesting that materials and rare forms of sexual development, reviewed in the presentation of the Deputy Director of CRM “Universe” Prof. Jenaro Kristesashvili “Reproductive and Reconstructive Surgery in the Management of Congenital Anomalies of Sexual Development” surprised by it’s Uniqueness and volume such a famous scientists as the President of European Association of Gynecologists Prof. Andrea Jenazzani, Human President of International Academy of Reproduction Prof. Joseph Schenker and Prof. Alex Shimon, who indicated that they haven’t  have such patients at all.

In general, the conference was very interesting in its contents, also it showed that the reports presented by the Georgian participants and the level of speakers were high and relevant for the standards of international conferences. Such an interesting and high-level conference was the biggest anniversary gift for its organizer – Professor Archil Khomasuridze, who became 75 years old.

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