Why "Universe"?


The Center for Reproductive Medicine "Universe" is a unique medical institution where you can receive all types of medical services in the field of reproductive health: preparation for pregnancy, monitoring pregnancy and childbirth.

Women and men have equal opportunities to undergo thorough, complex modern-level examination and treatment of reproductive disorders. It is such opportunities for outpatient and inpatient departments at the center for conservative and surgical treatment of reproductive disorders in patients of both sexes (from infancy to menopause).

Comfortable environment in the clinic, cutting-edge equipment, modern methods of research and treatment (including in vitro fertilization), friendly, experienced, reputable, highly qualified staff constantly improving their knowledge ensure high quality of medical care, satisfaction and trust of patients.

In addition to practical activities, the Center "Universe" pays great attention to scientific and pedagogical work. The staff of the Center is actively involved in scientific research, preparation of medical guidelines and protocols, work in international congresses, conferences, seminars, as well as in the process of continuing medical education. All this ensures that the services provided to patients comply with modern world standards and are constantly updated in the face of innovative changes.

Infertility and recurrent miscarriage are both practical and scientific priorities of the Center. Center "Universe" has an exceptional experience in this area. The results of research conducted by the Center in this area are of interest not only in Georgia, but also abroad, which has been noted in recent years by numerous reports presented by the Center's staff at international scientific congresses.

Outcome from the priority of scientific and clinical activities, in the center of elaboration of special algorithms and recommendations for the emergence of superimposed components, founded on the newest peace given to those who are healthy, and in such a system. Основное внимание в лечении нарушений репродуктивной функции уделяется комплексному, всестороннему подходу к диагностике и лечению, в основе которого лежит выявление причинно-следственных связей каждого пациента, максимально точном определении причин возникновения проблем и последующем выборе метода лечения - индивидуальной, оптимальной схеме лечения для достижения наилучших результатов .

For the diagnosis and treatment of patients at the RMC "Universе", in addition to routine studies (hormonal, genetic (PCR), radiological, etc.), modern, highly effective methods are used, such as determining the DNA fragmentation index of spermatozoa, treating varicocele by endovascular embolization, hysterosalpingography in dynamics on digital X-ray, immunological studies, etc.

The high efficiency of patient treatment is largely determined by a personalized, integrated approach and a wide range of methods. For example, the selection of an adequate method of assisted reproductive technologies for infertile couples - intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization (ICSI, TESA / TESE, cultivation to the blastocyst stage, freezing of sperm and embryos - cryopreservation, cryopreservation, etc.).

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